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Hi, I'm Alyssa!

After years of wondering “what if”, I started Fearlyss Media in April of 2023.

My purpose is to partner with business owners to create and implement a social media strategy that aligns with their business goals, all while freeing up their time to focus on running their business.

I have extensive knowledge in the constantly changing landscape of social media and when many businesses went to a "work from home" model, I taught 400+ B2B Sales Reps the strategies needed to increase their online presence and stay relevant in a remote-forward world.

At Fearlyss Media, I live by the following:

Feel the fear and do it anyway!



Social Media and Personal Brand Strategy

Aligning your business goals, value and story to create an effective online presence


Content Design, Creation and Ghostwriting

specializing in Instagram and LinkedIn


Social Media Management

Brands We’ve Worked With

leah justine music

Leah Haunstein

"I'm so thankful I hired you to come capture content for me. Your eye is incredible, your ideas are so fun and relevant, and it takes a huge weight off my shoulders to allow you to capture so that I can do my job. Thank you!"

west moon media production company

Tiana Hodges

"Ah, what an absolute JOY it was working alongside Alyssa. Alyssa was on set working as Leah Justine’s social media manager, as I was creative directing and filming Leah’s newest music video. She gives off such a calm, light presence that was a great addition to the entire team behind the scenes. She’s got a head full of all the social media knowledge, quick on her feet and good with her words. I always heard the best ideas and witnessed the biggest smiles from her. The whole crew loved having her there. She captured so much amazing behind the scenes content and I barely even saw her as I was filming. A true ninja! I highly recommend hiring Alyssa. 10/10!"

5 | Specific Service

5 | Specific Service

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boho & bro co.

Jessica Anderson

"We can't live without our content creator and brand kit designer, Alyssa!"

Give a brief description of the deliverables within this package.

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Alyssa Olerud

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